mardi, septembre 23, 2008

Edward Goldsmith fils de Marcelle Mouiller

Edward Goldsmith: curriculum vitae
Early years

Born: 8 November 1928, Paris, France. British father: Frank B. H. Goldsmith, O.B.E., T.D., ex M.P. for the Stowmarket Division of Suffolk 1910 - 1918, later Chairman of the Societé des Hotels Réunis in Paris, France. French mother: née Marcelle Mouiller.

Nationality: Dual, British and French.

Education: Millfield School, Street, Somerset.
Magdalen College, Oxford (1947-50). Read Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) BA (Hons) 1950.
MA Hons - Politics, Philosophy and Economics; 1970 or thereabouts.

National Service (1953-1955): Second Lieutenant in the Intelligence Corps. Spent six months as second in command of 902 Field Security Section in Hamburg, and a year on the Allied Staff in Berlin.

Career summary: Tried my hand at business in Paris (1957-1966) working with my father, then my brother, then on my own, running a company making and distributing electronic components (not very successfully). Devoted most of my spare time to the study of the subjects that still preoccupy me. I gave up business and moved to the UK in 1967 on the death of my father, who left me some money that enabled me to devote myself to my studies full-time. I have continued with my studies, written and edited books, written papers in various journals and articles for magazines, organized meetings, campaigned against destructive development projects, involved myself in Green politics, lectured, broadcasted, etc. in the UK and elsewhere, which I still do today.

Principal Occupation: Publisher, editor, author, lecturer and campaigner.

Other positions: President of the Climate Initiatives Fund, Richmond, UK.
Board member of the International Forum on Globalization, San Francisco, USA.

The Ecologist: Founder of The Ecologist, 1969, of which local versions are also published in Brazil, France, India, Italy, New Zealand and Spain, together with associated books and reports.
Publisher of The Ecologist, from 1969.
Editor of The Ecologist from 1969 to 1990, and again from 1997-1998.
From 1998, Editor of special issues of The Ecologist.