mercredi, janvier 21, 2009

Goldberg Magazine temporarily suspends publication

Goldberg Magazine temporarily suspends publication

Goldberg Ediciones has decided to suspend publication of Goldberg Magazine temporarily, as of its edition number 54. Edition number 55, which was to have come out in December, will not be published for the time being.

The grave situation which is affecting the economy in general and the world of culture in particular has left the editors at Goldberg Magazine unable to continue this project, which we began 10 years ago.

We are aware that many subscribers and readers have been deeply saddened by this temporary suspension. Our magazine had won international prestige and was widely considered the most appealing publication in the field of Early Music. For our readers, Goldberg was not just a magazine but also a reference and a cherished cultural symbol.

Many people have urged us to find some way to resume publishing the magazine in the shortest time possible. We appreciate the many letters we have received to this effect. For this reason we are working to establish the economic means to be able to resurrect the magazine.

We also want to express our appreciation to the subscribers, readers and advertisers who have made possible this wonderful adventure: we will continue to trust in them to get things rolling again.

The temporary suspension of Goldberg Magazine’s publication does not mean the web site has vanished. With it we will continue to publish new content and report on what is new in Early Music. It is also possible to order the complete collection or back issues clicking here